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At Georgia Pain and Wellness, we use state-of-the-art pain relieving procedures and work together as a Doctor – Patient team to rehabilitate and restore our patient’s well being.

medication specialist

Medication Specialist

Monthly Visits


During Office visits, we provide pharmaco-genetics testing, ANS testing and NCV-EMG testing.



All major Joint Injections, Spine Injections, Visco-Supplementation Injections and MigraineTreatments are individualized for each patient.

Our Doctor

Dr. Singh

Dr. Singh photo

Pawanjit Singh, MD, MPH

Dr. Pawanjit Singh is from Augusta, GA and graduated with honors from Emory University with a Masters in Public Health from Emory University.  He graduated in 2004 from the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Singh practices Pain Management in Atlanta....

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Pain Management Care

We are dedicated to establishing the benchmark for pain in the region and we remain in the forefront of medical innovators providing our patients with the best treatment options.